TOSMAC Tower Specialist Manufacturing Co.

Who we are?

Welcome to TOSMAC and be satisfied!

Experience the full benefit we share to the world of Lattice Towers and General Steel Structure fabrication.

TOSMAC was established in late 2004 by group of businessmen and highly technical and professional engineers with expertise in design, construction, fabrication and erection of telecommunication tower and general steel structures in order to cater to the fast-growing telecommunication expansion projects in the Kingdom.

Our deep concern is our customers’ convenience in construction, installation and erection of our product by assuring them best quality and efficiency of our product through the aid of our highly technological and fully automatic European made CNC equipment's and machineries. Manufacturing of Tower and Fabrication is made easy with us through the aid of our sophisticated machineries linked with our advanced CAD software's.

With this state - of - the art technology, our monthly production on towers has been preliminarily estimated to a minimum of 500MTon to maximum of 1000MTon. TOSMAC Focus on its product is Quality and Client Satisfaction.

Your design is our design… Your concern is our concern…Your success is our success and our Customer is our Utmost Priority!