TOSMAC Tower Specialist Manufacturing Co.

Our Services

Tower Specialist Manufacturing Co. Ltd. – TOSMAC unlike other manufacturers offers the following services:

TOSMAC custom designs tower based on customer’s specification and requirements regardless of the quantity being inquired.

For any inquiry of tower of any height, TOSMAC custom designs and models the tower based on specified loading (i.e. number of antennas, design wind speed and allowable tilt & twist) in order to obtain the approximate weight of the tower thus resulting to a most economical and competitive price quotation.

TOSMAC with its vast experience and expertise in engineering assists its clients not only on the manufacturing/supply side but also on the technical issues covering design, implementation and construction to assure its client the optimum result and accomplishment of the project.

TOSMAC provides foundation design to the clients as an integral part of tower supply to assure conformity of foundation design to that of tower design specification.

TOSMAC provides precision fabrication on its supplied product to maintain credibility of its customer to their client’s relation.

If your concern is quality, cost effectiveness and dependability to your company, TOSMAC is best to approach to satisfy your needs.

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