TOSMAC Tower Specialist Manufacturing Co.

Company Profile

TOSMAC – Tower Specialist Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Saudi Arabian Company, established in late year 2004 based on careful studies and plans by group of businessmen with a technically equipped professionals having vast experience in the field of structural and mechanical engineering design and steel fabrication.

TOSMAC’s major strength in closed corroboration with Tower Specialist Division of Consulting and Design Engineering lies in the fast-growing telecommunication projects in the kingdom, developed and specialized through the continuous services provided to the major and key players in telecommunication industry i.e. Saudi Telecom Company, Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel and now Mobily, Motorola Al Saudia, Huawei and others.

The company is managed by multinational workforce composed of a team of professionals, experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, fabricators and welders with full and focused dedication on their respective duties and responsibilities. Design, engineering and fabrication has been made easy with TOSMAC through the aid of highly dependable and sophisticated CAD software's.

The company has, to date, successfully completed several towers both greenfield and rooftop, Rooftop antenna mounts both penetration and non-penetration, wall mounts, steel framings, hungers, platforms and general steel structure fabrications covering local and GCC area i.e. Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait etc.

It is TOSMAC’s great pleasure to welcome its clients and customers and offer them the best service ever provided them.